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Digitalization and automation are the levers for industry to meet the upcoming challenges. The challenge is to collect, understand and make sense of the infinite amounts of data that are generated in companies. This requires becoming a Digital Enterprise by combining the real and digital worlds. It’s all made possible by Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), the unique automation concept from Siemens. And it’s been doing this for decades!

Future-proof to enter new dimensions
Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) is an open system architecture and has been enabling the seamless interaction of all automation components, the software involved, and higher-level systems and services since 1996. This is ensured by consistent data management, worldwide standards and uniform interfaces – from the field level to the corporate management level.
End-to-end consistency is not an end in itself, but reduces expenditures, saves time, and enables the step into the next dimension on the path to the digital enterprise with room for future innovations.
Visit Siemens booth at IFAM and find out more about TIA from our experts. Siemens IFAM booth will feature additional solutions for you to become a digital enterprise and accelerate your impact.

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