Novelties of Leading Industrial Automation Manufacturers (July 2023)

At the IFAM 2024, Tipteh d.o.o. will showcase premium components, systems, and solutions enabling you to outperform your competitors across industries.

Learn about the next-gen Fluid Sensor Family. Turck has developed technology that detects four measured variables – flow, pressure, temperature and level – with a sensor family from a single source. The innovative Fluid+ family boasts high availability, easy connectivity, flexibility, and user-friendly operation. Its extremely durable IP69K housing allows for automated fluid detection and monitoring in a wide range of industries. Furthermore, sensors provide additional information for condition monitoring and support sensor-to-cloud solutions via IO-Link.

You will be introduced to Benedict GmbH DC circuit breakers, specifically designed for solar photovoltaic power supply. These circuit breakers ensure circuit protection in solar power plants during various interventions, effectively preventing any accidents or mishaps. Benedict’s innovative DC-Switch Disconnectors incorporate a design that prevents direct connection between the lever and the contact system. Additionally, their DC contactors can safely switch off the photovoltaic installation using a remote-controlled emergency-stop button, providing an added layer of safety in collaboration with fire brigade operations.

You will also have the opportunity to explore the high-performance distance laser sensor OptoNCDT ILR 1171 from Micro-Epsilon, designed for outdoor applications. This sensor provides 20 times faster distance measurements, reaching distances of up to 270 meters. Its impressive measuring rate of up to 40 kHz and laser ToF principle ensure accurate and stable measurements on both static and dynamic targets, even in challenging industrial environments. Additionally, this robust IP67 sensor can be seamlessly integrated even into the smallest installation spaces, providing convenience and versatility.

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