Markpro d.o.o. offer professional and quality labeling of products and packaging. We label all types of products in the automotive, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, construction and electrical industries, in the production of components for household appliances and much more. We place great emphasis on the quality, reliability and maintenance of our devices, while ensuring low operating costs. The type of labeling technology used, depends mainly on the type of product / packaging and the regulations and standards. Non-contact industrial technologies include ink jet (Countinus Ink Jet, Drop On Demand and Thermal Ink Jet) and laser (gas, diode and fiber). Contact industrial labeling technologies include the label, which is the most common method of labeling (possibly in combination with RFID), and direct printing on foil packaging. We have a large number of references and experience on the Slovenian and foreign markets, we follow global trends and manage with the most modern devices. Depending on needs, we can advise each user in choosing the most suitable equipment or comprehensive solutions. All we need from a potential or existing customer is a description of their requirements, wishes or challenges, and the rest is entirely up to us. We have the wisdom, strength, motivation, inspiration and passion to achieve together what we decide. And we have been achieving all this together with you for over 10 years.

MARKPRO d.o.o.
Celjska c. 58
3212 Vojnik 
+386 8 205 80 30
[email protected]

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