Novelties of Leading Industrial Automation Manufacturers (Sep23)

At the IFAM 2024, Tipteh d.o.o. will showcase premium components, systems, and solutions that enable you to outperform your competitors across industries.

Learn about Teknokol’s Panel Air Conditioners. These industrial cooling units provide effective cooling for sensitive electrical components inside electrical cabinets while preventing contaminants from entering. This ensures the protection and longevity of the equipment, preventing production disruptions and material losses caused by major systemic damages. Thanks to their innovative design and easily accessible standard components, Teknokol’s AC units are taking a leading role in the market.

You will also have the opportunity to explore the next-generation 3D safety radar system with updates. Inxpect’s system is one of the few volumetric safety devices on the market based on radar technology. It now features new sensor and control unit functionalities such as Static Object Detection and various Field Of View (FOV). Several improved features will make it even easier for you to develop state-of-the-art security solutions and ensure the highest level of safety in demanding operating conditions and in dirty environments where other safety devices may fail.

You will be introduced to Schmersal’s Programmable Safety Controller. The PROTECT PSC1 is a compact safety controller with a modular structure, offering exceptional flexibility in its applications. This control system is equipped with a universal communications interface, enabling data exchange across diverse fieldbus systems with higher-level controllers. The ability to create customized safety solutions, whether for individual machines or highly complex installations, makes the PSC1 a valuable tool for implementing Industry 4.0 concepts.

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