New Additions to Finder’s Range of Switch Mode Power Supplies

The FINDER 78 SERIES switch mode power supplies are ideal for LED strips, CCTV systems and home automation systems. Built exceeding the highest industry standards, exclusively manufactured in Italy and featuring a complete array of functions, these power supplies stand out for their premium quality. The range includes various functional advantages such as the easily replaceable input protection fuse from the front panel, its compact design and its very low energy consumption when in stand-by mode. Some types also have a built-in battery-charging function.

In the range there are available now also two new 36 W high-efficiency, low-profile, modular DC power supplies with screw terminals and 35 mm rail mounting (EN 60715). Types and feature an integrated fuse and a potentiometer to adjust the output voltage (between 24 V and 28 V for the Type and between 12 V and 16 V for the Type These features give the user increased flexibility and versatility of use. In addition to their low stand-by power consumption (< 0.4 W), the new power supplies feature Internal Thermal protection, Overvoltage protection (Varistor) and Short-circuit protection Hiccup modes (auto-recovery). The Hiccup feature suspends voltage and current checking at regular intervals for the anomaly until normal operation is restored).

Each 78 Series power supply unit must pass a series of rigid tests before it can be distributed in the market. This process ensures that all of our products are extremely reliable. Finder power supplies are also protected against sudden overloads and short circuits. They are designed to provide best in class performance in terms of efficiency and low energy consumption.

Both power supplies are suitable for use in SELV systems (according to EN 60950), feature high peak output current, and can be used for charging lead-acid batteries rated 7 Ah…24 Ah – (both standard and gel types, subject to compatibility with the power supplies’ output characteristics).

Additional features:

  • High efficiency (up to 90%)
  • Suitable for SELV systems (according to EN 60950)
  • Suitable for backup battery systems
  • Flyback topology
  • ZVS (zero-voltage-switching) quasi-resonant mode switching
  • Compliant with UL 61010 and EN 61204-3
  • Parallel working for automatic redundancy – with OR diodes
  • Dual polarity and series connection permissible

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