Movotec provides an important contribution to ergonomic working conditions

Suspa, the manufacturer of adjustment systems provides answers and solutions to questions of ergonomics. In the process, the Franconian company benefits from its key technologies, which are used in applications such as automatically extending and retracting spoiler systems of renowned automobile manufacturers. This basic knowledge is also utilized in the Movotec technology. Designed as a lifting and lowering system, Movotec is also suitable for ergonomic work environments in a wide variety of applications.  

Movotec solutions operate predominantly in vertical adjustment ranges and are primarily installed in industrial applications. The technology has been available as a hydraulic lifting system and now as an electro-mechanical lifting system. Both variants are capable of reliably moving heavy loads and are especially well-suited for an ergonomic work environment.

The electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical SMS versions both raise and lower objects with a travel speed of 8 millimeters per second. All systems are operated via a central control unit. While the SMS system has one spindle with upstream motor unit per leg, the raising and lowering of the hydraulic system is controlled via a pump.

The hydraulic system and the electro-mechanical SMS solution can both be installed as a retrofitted system. They can be retrofitted to provide an ergonomic work environment to replace previously static work environments in industrial applications where individual adaptation of the equipment was not possible.

Ergonomics = Variability + Flexibility = Movotec
Movotec hydraulic and Movotec SMS offer impressive variability in the ergonomic environment. They are available in stroke lengths of 150, 200, 300 and 400 millimeters.

Simple operation
Movotec and Movotec SMS are characterized by simple operation. They fulfill ergonomic criteria that help people design work environment customized to their specific physical constitution. This prevents postural deformity and has a relieving and offloading effect for the muscular-skeletal system with repetitive movements.

At the same time, the productivity and motivation of individual employees increase. This is possible by means of a crank or electric motor. Movotec SMS and hydraulic systems offer a high degree of ergonomic comfort, because they both raise and lower work surfaces with continuous variability.

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