Presentation of the company LPKF Laser & Electronics d.o.o.


LPKF Laser & Electronics d.o.o. develops and produces systems and process solutions for challenging tasks in printed circuit board technology and micro electronics. The state-of-the-art product range includes the operational sequence of rapid in-house PCB prototyping;

–       Circuit board plotters,

–       Equipment for SMT assembly,

–       Laser systems for structuring, depanelling and processing PCBs,

–       Laser systems for cutting SMT stencils.


Why in-house prototyping?

With today’s fast-paced technological advances, in-house PCB prototyping is key in staying a step ahead of the competition. Instead of waiting for outside suppliers, with in-house prototyping everything from planning to optimized layout is performed right at your own company. After all, even security matters. With in-house prototyping all data and designs remain secure – in house. Producing high-quality PCB’s in your own development department or lab presents a key advantage. To top it off, LPKF Rapid PCB Prototyping means a simple process.


LPKF products can produce single- or double-sided PCBs, multilayers, high performance circuits, RF- and microwawe PCBs, rigid or flexible PCBs. Even non-PCB products, such as polymide stencils, plastic and aluminum parts, as well as many other applications, can be crafted easily and cost-effectively.


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