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AX elektronika doo, publisher of Svet elektronike & Svet mehatronike magazines will be celebrating 1st. year of publishing Svet mehatronike magazine. This new media has been recognized as a new & fresh media with a new businees model. Svet mehatronike is a magazine that is intended for professional readers and is free of charge for all readers, for both web and printed versions. Svet mehatronike covers mechatronics, industrial automation, robotics and machine engineering and although being free of charge at »Magazine take away points«, we see new subsribers that want to receive their issue to their address for which they have to pay yearly subscription. That proves that these subscriptions are driven by good technical articles.

AX elektronika will present at IFAM fair also some news from it’s distribution program. We will present HopeRF and their very long range UHF transceivers based on the HM-TRP modules that have transmitt power of 100 mW at 868 MHz which gives a range of more than 2 km on open space.
This module was used when we improved our T-REX product which enables wireless communication in harsh industrial environments with lot’s of interference that blocks normal telecommunications. Improved T-REX will be presented at IFAM 2014 fair. We will demonstrate it’s superior long range two-way communication.

AX elektronika will present Elnec is manufacturing professional programmers & adapters and it supports over 75.000 devices.
FTDI Chip is manufacturing USB chips & products connected to the USB. One of the latest products is FT800 – EVE – chip that supports TFT LCD, touch and audio, all in one platform.

If you need a reliable and price effective enclosure, then Supertronic enclosures are the righ choice.
Also we will show our new DDS generator, high voltage & current motor drivers and other products that will make easier life of those involved in electronics. You are kindly invited to visit our booth at jubilee 10th. IFAM fair.

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