VIPA Elektronik-Systeme GmbH

VIPA Elektronik-Systeme GmbH

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VIPA Gesellschaft für Visualisierung und Prozessautomatisierung mbH

The innovative provider for automation technology and control solutions compatible with System S7-300 from SIEMENS.

Introduction of the newest  VIPA decentral I/O-System with Speed7 high performance CPU.

VIPA SLIO Bus Terminals – The latest decentral I/O system with perfect handling and best price ratio, now completed with Speed7 CPU with ProfiNet Master.

Demand for more compact and flexible automation solutions with reasonable price-performance ratio has been constantly increasing. With the completely new development of the I/O system SLIO®, VIPA is setting a further standard in the automation sector.

The VIPA I/O system SLIO combines high functionality with an intelligent mechanical concept in an extremely compact design.

SLIO is a synonym for Slice-I/O.

With its very compact design, the system can be set-up „slice-by-slice“ to meet exactly the requirements of the application.

The Interface Modules (IM) for PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen, PROFINET, EtherCAT and Modbus are all supporting up to 64 Electronic Modules (EM).

The Power Modules(PM), which are contrasting in colours to Signal Modules (SM) and Function Modules (FM), supply voltage to the Electronic Modules. Separate potential groups can be defined if required.

The Electronic Modules are connected to the Terminal Module (TM) in a secure plug-in mechanism.

The Terminal Module comprises clamp, connection of Electronic Modules and mechanical bus connector. In case of maintenance or repair therefore only the Electronic Module will be exchanged by simply pulling it out of the Terminal

Module. Wiring and mounting on the 35mm DIN rail will remain unchanged.

The staircase-shaped cage clamps on the Terminal Module offer fast, clear and secure wiring.

With the integrated state LEDs and the labelling strip on the front an exact state monitoring of channels on the Electronic Module is possible. The new backplane bus system with a transmission rate of 48Mbit/s offers very short response times with a signal processing of less than 20µs.

SLIO is one of the most powerful and cost-effective decentral systems in the market.

It is now completed with a very compact CPU-System VIPA 014, 015 based on the latest Speed7 Chip 7100, serving the highest demands in performance, not only in Step7 processing also in communication. ProfiNet, Profibus, ModbusTCP, ModbusRTU can run at the same time, with shortest cycle times and without any extra cost.



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