Weidmüller MultiMark: Marking systems for the entire cabinet

Weidmüller MultiMark: Marking systems for the entire cabinet

The higher the level of automation, the more complex the structure of a control cabinet. This means it is important for installed components to be properly labelled. The internal arrangement of the cabinet must be clear from first glance. Therefore, the marking system becomes an important safety feature for the cabinet infrastructure.

MultiMark by Weidmüller is a marker system which perfectly meets modern requirements in conjunction with tailored software and particularly efficient printer technology. It is quick and reliable to use and allows seamless implementation of virtually all labels (for terminal blocks, wires or devices). Incorporating the high-speed THM MMP thermotransfer printer makes it really economical, especially for small and medium print volumes. And the quality is excellent: all markings are very legible and resistant to external influences.

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