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The market of products and services, connected with all aspects of cleanliness and maintenance is rapidly developing. Hardly a day goes by without a new product or a piece of technology being launched or an old one updated. Thanks to the close relationship between producers, suppliers and customers and the feedback received, the products follow the trends of development of the market – the requirements for increasing the functionality, improving the efficiency, reducing the consumption, decreasing the costs and improving the safety at work are permanently growing.

The ecological standards are rapidly raising, too. In order to meet them, the producers should  implement appropriate sustainable practices and care about how their products are being built, what kind of materials are being used, how the products are packed, how they can ensure they use less water and how their equipment is being maintained. The manufacturers prove they are socially responsible care about the environment.  The sustainable practices are not only a way to raise the company’s reputation, but to ensure their business longevity. Both public and private sectors enhance their green credentials by switching to more environmentally friendly products and services. Last, but not least investing in sustainable practices and processes can mean that your business is entitled to a range of tax incentives – a way to additionally foster your business.

CleanME is the only event in Slovenia, Croatia and the CEE region meant to offer platform for presenting all the novelties from the cleaning and maintenance industries. It is an ideal place for the professionals involved in the cleaning sector to meet. Demand and supply will be together under one roof during the time of the exhibition. The exhibition will take place in the period 03 – 05. 10. 2017 in Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana.

Be a part of CleanME and make the most of it!

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