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At Betaplast d.o.o. we specialize in plastic piping systems.
PVC-U is a high quality material with a higher chemical resistance. It is used in water preparation and chemical industry; as a program it contains a wide range of fittings, valves and measurement and control appliances. Similar programs exist both in PP-H and PVC-C for more aggressive media and higher temperatures, while ABS and PVDF are used in the most demanding applications (pharmacy, food industry).
Our program range of PE100 for distribution, utility and municipal networks contains butt-fusion fittings, flange connection fittings and electrofusion fittings (for welding up to 16 bars for water applications and up to 10 bars for gas).
Preinsulated and multi-component systems are used mostly in cooling and ventilation in applications that are inappropriate for PE or PVC-U.
Betaplast d.o.o.
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