Motor management can be improved with holistic approach

Motors are critical assets at the core of all industrial operations. On average, they consume between 60- 95% of the electrical energy in a plant. Boosting process, operation or motor efficiency translates into increased productivity, sustainability and reliability.

Schneider Electric has developed a complete approach to meet the challenges you are facing. With five fundamental domains of expertise and a rich offer portfolio, we ensure the optimization of your investment and operating costs. Every relevant parameter of your electrical system and process is considered to build the most suitable and complete solution for your motor applications.

Electrical Motor Management is often associated with motor maintenance, but involves much more. Experts of Schneider Electric associate Motor Management with all the challenges to design an optimized and simplified solution for a sustainable motor integration in the electrical system and the industrial process.

Using Schneider Electric motor management solutions, customers can expect:

  • 40% time saving on selection and quotation
  • 25% time saving on installation
  • 50% reduction on motor downtime
  • 40% cost optimization for motor control management
  • 50% energy savings (over direct line motor starters)

Let our expertise be your guide
From the analysis of your needs to the proposition of the most suitable technical solutions, the “Motor Management Competency Center” by Schneider Electric brings you true benefits in the design of LV and MV high-power motor applications: in-depth technical analysis, impartial advice, optimization and simplification of the technical solutions, guarantee of operation, and optimized total cost of ownership.

Sustainability is at the core of our purpose at Schneider Electric. We leverage our broad expertise to design and build highly efficient, sustainable, and comprehensive solutions that are specific to our customers’ needs. Your operations can do better, let us show you how at Schneider Electric’s booth at IFAM.

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