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Insa was founded in 1950 as a watch factory, to become a significant manufacturer of watches and clocks, gas meters, liquid meters, and systems for remote reading of water and gas meters. And many other products in the field of measuring technology and precision mechanics.

Nowadays, Insa is modern factory with a very wide range of production in several basic programs:

  • Clock program
  • Fluid flow meters
  • domestic and industrial water meters
  • remote reading water meters, dispensers, rotameters, pulse meters
  • flowmeters
  • Teleoptik program, gas meters and calorimeters
  • Remote readout systems of all measuring instruments

Insa also has a program of services for third parties (production of plastic parts electroplating services, production of steel parts on automatic machines and presses, production of various tools).

The production programs of Insa are: auto parts program, measuring and control program, medical program and solenoid valves.

It is safe to say that Insa AD operates as a successful joint-stock company and has established itself as a regional leader in the ex-Yugoslavia market in both areas (metering and precision clock industries) – especially in the water meter program.

Tršćanska No. 21
Republic of Serbia
+381 11 371 36 00
[email protected]

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