Our workbench is set up and ready for new challenges. Are you ready too?

Best possible solutions to increase quality and efficiency of operations at your company from Micom Electronics d.o.o., number one provider of measuring instruments and equipment in Southeast Europe.

Our workbench is set up and ready for new challenges. Are you ready too?

Be it the pressure, the temperature, or the challenges of the industrial 4-20 mA current loops. We have a solution for each and any of them. Just pick one of these superior products from Additel Corporation:

  • Automatic Pressure Calibrators
    • Portable pressure calibrators take pressure calibration to new levels and offer great flexibility in multi-range selection, multiple external pressure module management, and superior speed-to-pressure
  • Digital Pressure Calibrators / Gauges
    • High-pressure measurements to low millimeters of water measurements are equally covered, as well as vacuum and positive pressure.
  • Pressure Controllers
    • Unprecedented monitoring capability and flexibility with bench precision digital pressure controllers packed with remarkable features and functionality.
  • Pressure Test / Calibration Pumps
    • Pneumatic (air) pressure or hydraulic (oil and water) hand-operated pressure pumps you can rely on.
  • Intelligent Digital Pressure Modules
    • Advanced microprocessor technology and state-of-the-art silicon pressure sensors for accurate, reliable, and economic solution for wide range of pressure applications.
  • Temperature Calibrators & Furnaces
    • If you are serious about portable temperature calibration tools, then you know a good dry well calibrator is more than just a stable heat source.
  • Thermometer Readouts / Probes
    • Precision reference thermometers for your laboratory or field applications.
  • Multifunction Documenting Process Calibrators
    • Sourcing, simulating and measuring pressure, temperature and electrical signals together with automated tasks for paperless calibration management have never been easier.
  • Software
  • Accessories

Are you still sure you do not want to see and have one of these in your toolbox for yourself?

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