IO-Link control devices

Compact, decentralized operating devices with an IO-Link interface for simple control tasks

IO-Link control devices give you control over simple, decentralized control tasks. The pushbuttons for use in the field are an ideal solution if installed on 40 mm profile rails of production equipment or safety fences. Owing to their M12 connector, the extremely compact IO-Link control devices are plug-and-play units that make installation and linkup easy – even for untrained persons. Their IO-Link interface connects to any interface solution for remote assignment of many customized functions.

The compact IO-Link control devices benefit you in many ways. Their IO-Link communication system ensures that the entire system speaks the same language. IP65-rated housings are particularly impervious since they can be installed directly within the application. The mounting clip from the package is a very practical means of attachment to aluminum profiles or plain mounting surfaces. In case of failures, the module can be replaced quickly or, if still in working order, can easily be moved to somewhere else in the installation.

Secure wiring is provided by the preassembled M12 cable (4-pole or 5-pole) that makes linkup an easy and rapid task. There are many parameters such as pushbutton colors, brightness or flashing modes that reduce warehousing efforts because the command device fully adapts to various requirements by simple programming via the control unit. A flexible and very broad choice of colors supports users with its 5 default colors, 3 user-definable RGB colors and a color space containing 16 million different colors. There are four flashing modes that can be configured to fit very different use cases. The brightness level is easily controlled in dimmer mode. Laser-printable label sheets are sold separately for customized text.

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